disparity [n] difference alterity, discrepancy, disproportion, dissemblance, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, distinction, divergence, divergency, diverseness, gap, imbalance, imparity, incongruity, inequality, otherness, unevenness, unlikeness, variation; concept 665 —Ant. alikeness, equality, likeness, sameness, similarity

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  • disparity — UK US /dɪˈspærəti/ noun [C or U] (plural disparities) ECONOMICS ► a situation in which two or more things are not equal or similar, especially when this is thought to be unfair: economic/income/pay disparity »Manhattan had the greatest income… …   Financial and business terms

  • disparity — I noun argument, asymmetry, conflict of opinion, contradiction, contradistinction, contraposition, contrast, controversy, deviation, difference, disaccord, disagreement, discord, discordance, discrepancy, disequilibrium, disharmony, dissimilitude …   Law dictionary

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  • disparity — [di spar′ə tē] n. pl. disparities [Fr disparité < ML disparitas < L dispar, unequal: see DIS & PAR1] 1. inequality or difference, as in rank, amount, quality, etc. 2. unlikeness; incongruity …   English World dictionary

  • disparity — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ considerable, enormous, great, gross, huge, vast, wide ▪ growing ▪ glaring …   Collocations dictionary

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